CEOs who are invited to join the QG100 Network are leading successful companies with headquarters or a significant business presence in Québec.

  • CEOs possess a strategic vision to become global leaders and are actively engaged in growing their business on a global scale.
  • Companies have an international focus and a real capacity to diversify into new global markets while sustaining growth of their business.
  • CEOs have successfully completed the process of selection and membership.

The company has the following characteristics:

  • It has been in business for a minimum of 5 years, is profitable, and its strategic and operational decisions are made in Québec;
  • Its annual revenues exceed $25 million (depending on the industry) and the company demonstrates a sustained growth;
  • Its number of employees exceeds 150 (depending on the industry).

QG100 Network is accessible on invitation only.

Identifying the Network's prospective businesses is part of a rigorous analysis.

The evaluation of applicants emphasizes quality CEOs that can harmoniously integrate in this exclusive Network.

Each potential candidate is proposed by one or more members and pre-qualified
through the quantitative evaluation of his/her company with respect to the main selection criteria.

This evaluation is completed by the secretariat and submitted to all the members of the Network.

Members are owners of the Network and set its priorities.

QG100 is a personal GPS, available 24/7 — it is a tailored and swift answer to members’ international issues.

QG100 provides easy access to tools facilitating its members’ decision-making process and the international growth of their company.

QG100 offers a swift answer to its members’ recruitment needs and a preferential and personalized access to targeted international platforms.