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QG100 Network


Support the development of global leaders in their fields and promote the sustainability of their position in the context of international competition.

QG100 Network focuses on confidential and continuous feedback from members to respond in a timely manner to their market development and management of their global operations priorities. The internal and external resources available to each member are considerable. The QG100 value added can be summarized as follows:

  • Strategic time saving for everyone;
  • Reduction of international risks and costs;
  • Facilitated access to relevant international decision-makers;
  • Additional business opportunities;
  • Market diversification;
  • Positive impact on international sales and profits;
  • Emergence of global leaders in Québec.
  • Development of trust relations among members;
  • Effective time management and knowledge sharing;
  • Achievement of an optimal critical mass of members and leverage effect;
  • Regular attendance and active participation of members;
  • Quality and relevance of Network program activities;
  • Credibility of feedback process.

QG100 Network's Composition

An initial founding group proposed in 2007 the creation of an international prosperity center of Québec companies dedicated to the success of business leaders with strong, global growth potential. This vision came together in 2010 with the establishment of a NPO: QG100 Network. Since then, QG100 growth is ensured through:

  • The support of 19 founding members among the biggest Quebec companies;
  • The gradual and harmonious membership of CEOs of world class companies;
  • The contribution of honorary members among well-known business figures.


QG100 Network has a simple governance structure supporting its entire members and mission. It emphasizes integrity, inclusiveness, efficiency and confidentiality.

Offer of Service

The terms of operations provide a rare opportunity for members to network with other business leaders and decision-makers in an informal and open setting. It also supports their personal commitment in pursuing QG100's mission. The resulting shared information is not available to the public or the press. The strict rule of confidentiality and non-attribution applies at all times.

Network Development


Identifying the Network's prospective candidates is part of a rigorous analysis. The evaluation of applicants emphasizes quality CEOs that can harmoniously integrate in this exclusive Network.

Each potential candidate must receive the support of one or more members (sponsor) and be pre-qualified through the quantitative evaluation of his/her company with respect to the main selection criteria.

This evaluation is then submitted to:

  • the consideration of the Selection Committee;
  • a tacit consultation with the entire Network's members;
  • the approval of the Board of Directors.


  • CEOs invited to join the QG100 Network are leading successful companies with headquarters or an important business center in Québec;
  • They possess a strategic vision to become global leaders and are actively engaged in the globalisation process of their business;
  • Their companies have an international focus and have a real capacity to diversify into new international markets while sustaining the growth of their business.


  • Company has been in business for a minimum of 5 years, is profitable and its strategic and operational decisions are made in Quebec
  • Company has implemented an international business strategy
  • Annual revenues exceed $ 25 million (depending on the industry) and the company demonstrates a sustained growth; its number of employees exceeds 150 (depending on the industry).

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