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A Cross-Cutting and Personalized Intervention

Our mission: facilitate the sharing of know-how between our member companies and strengthen their international competitiveness thanks to relevant support and solutions inspired by global best practices.
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Between 30 and 50 Events for CEOs and Senior Executives

› Exceptional Quality Content

World-leading entrepreneurs, authorities, experts, and politicians are brought in to meet with our members.

› Multidisciplinary Themes and Training

A wide variety of subjects for each one of a company’s functions.

› Involvement of Governmental and Para-Governmental Organizations

In-depth understanding of trade agreements and geopolitical situations in the world.

› Available Anytime, Anywhere

In person or by videoconference, all events are accessible thanks to technologies put to use in service of content.

Working Groups on Shared Topics of Interest

With 100 companies represented, the shared-interest topics are numerous. We bring together our best Quebec entrepreneurs, so they can help one another. Members thus work in exclusive small groups, on specific themes: growth through M&A, economic sustainability, business development in South America or China, and governance optimisation.

Services for Connection Building and Individualized Support

In the QG100 Network, collaboration and mutual assistance are the watchwords. Whether discussing entry strategy for a given country, the establishment of a CRM or ERP, international brand strategy, or talent recruitment in a given industry, we create connections between people with similarities so they can learn from each other’s experiences.

The E³ Methodology

If our members are satisfied by our offering, it is because it is built on a unique and proven methodology: E³.

Our team conceives of each experience in keeping with a mantra as simple as it is essential.

›  Experts recognized internationally: industry leaders who demystify economic, geopolitical, and corporate trends of today and tomorrow

›  Examination of member case studies: Network content for Network use that brings our companies’ best practices to the forefront

Exchanges and workshops: discussions and tools allowing for rapid impact on a company, from a strategic or tactical perspective.

Confidentiality, Non-Compete, and Non-Solicitation


Confidentiality is a vital component of the QG100 Network’s success and prohibits us from divulging any additional information like the names of speakers that we have the good fortune to host, subjects and themes covered, examples of individualized business interventions that have allowed members to extricate themselves from tricky situations.


A non-compete provision is a ground rule that applies to any company wishing to be included in the QG100 Network.
Accordingly, an organization’s admission is subject to full membership review, with each member having veto power. We want to guarantee the transparency and quality of member discussions at all times.


The Network’s many collaborators are required to sign a non-solicitation agreement.
Our members are already highly solicited and we want to guarantee their peace.
The best way to develop a business is through exceptional performance: the rest comes about organically.

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